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One of the problems that has plagued our organization for a number of years has been a lack of funds. A quick look at our membership types and fees provides one clue as to why. Back in April, we had 72 members including 43 Life members, 22 Individual members and 7 Family members. With dues of $20 for Individual members, $30 for Family members  and no annual dues for Life members, the counts above provide only $650 in membership income for the year. Our largest bill is insurance at $1200 per year, so it is no wonder that we never have any money.


One thought was that some people who could afford to do so might pay more for membership if we asked them to. A proposal was brought forth, and approved by the board, to expand the categories of membership, as follows:

Conductor, $250 per year

Engineer, $100 per year

Fireman, $50 per year

Brakeman, $20 per year


Family memberships are folded into the above structure, with an additional cost of $5 per additional family member, per year. A family member is defined as someone living within the same household and does not receive separate mailings.


For Life members, the board agreed to continue existing life memberships at no required annual membership cost, but to not accept any new life memberships. And Life members will now be encouraged to renew each year in one of the above categories.

There are no other additional benefits to any membership category. It is simply a way for members who can afford to help us more than the minimum to do so and get a little recognition for that additional help.


Each year we will publish to our members a list of names of all of members and the category of each. There will be an option of not being listed if you so choose.


At this point, we don’t have any specific goals or plans for additional funds that we might receive. Our first objective is to build up some reserve funds so we can appropriately respond to problems or opportunities that might present themselves. Once we do have some funds available, we’re sure that some proposals will be forthcoming for improvements to our museum.


Please print the form below and send it with your check to the address listed at the bottom.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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