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We are pleased to offer the following merchandise.  All profits go to support the Society and  Museum.  Thank you for your support.


These are available at any meeting of the Unadilla Valley Railway Society, or call the UV Storekeeper, Sandy, at 607-548-7007.


Members are entitled to a 10% discount on purchase price, but not shipping.


Please note that we charge 8% New York State sales tax on in-person sales and shipments to a New York State address (except for T-shirts and hats, which count as clothing). The sales tax also applies to the shipping charge.


The following types of items are available.  Click on an item just below to go to that section

-- Books (paperback)

-- Articles

-- Miscellaneous Items



We’ll be glad to ship your books to you. 

70-Ton Cover 200

Operations & Maintenance Manual for the GE 70-Ton Locomotive

Reprint of original 1947 book

by American Locomotive  (ALCO) and General Electric (GE)

Now available, $49.95

Click HERE for details


Shipping is $4 per item for items below unless noted otherwise, with a maximum of $15. Call with your requirements and we’ll give you a quote.

Young Book 200

UV—The Life and Times of a Small Railroad

A Definitive Account of the Unadilla Valley Railway

by William S Young, 2009, 120 pages. 
Only $30.00

Pugh Book 200


(Sorry, we don’t expect to get any more)


Days Along the Buckwheat & Dandelion
The Unadilla Valley Railway

by Fred Pugh

Now only $35


Book DeForest 200

The Story of the

Unadilla Valley Railroad

As told in Newspaper Articles


by Tom DeForest

1st Edition (2016), 105 pages


330 Newspaper Articles from over 50 newspapers

that cover UV history from 1886 through 1961.

Soft cover, 8.5x11, Now only $25

Click HERE for more information.

Book Leatherstocking Rails 200



Leatherstocking Rails

A History of Railing along the Upper Susquehanna

by Jim Loudon

1st Edition (2005), 260 pages

A detailed book about every railroad and trolley line that was ever built -- or planned to be built -- in Otsego County NY

Only a few left, was $39.95, now $30


Topographic Maps


Map Book Ver 10 150822 Cover 200

Topographic Maps of the Unadilla Valley Railroad

An index map and set of 29 current topographic maps which show the abandoned route of the railroad.  These are in full color, each page is in a page protector and the whole package is in a binder.

Compiled by Tom DeForest

First Edition, 2015

1 index map, 29 pages of maps, in full color, $20

Click HERE for more information.


This item is hard to ship. Shipping cost is $14. (But the maximum shipping cost is $14, so you can order other items along with this for the same $14).



Local Articles

& Reprints


We have a number of locally written articles and reprints of other articles about the UV Railroad.  Click HERE to find all the details.



Miscellaneous Items



Pugh Book Index Pg 1 200

INDEX to “Days Along the Buckwheat & Dandelion”

“The Unadilla Valley Railway”, by Fred Pugh


Index by Lee Stone


11 pages of 2-column index entries, Free Shipping, $6.00

Click HERE for more information

Sample Loco 200

UV-related note cards

Four different sets of 5 are available for a total of 20 images.


Each card is 4.25” high and 5.5” wide on embossed stock with a matching envelope.  Great for correspondence or as UV memorabilia.


Click HERE to see the 20 images.



1 set of 5 for $5

2 sets of 5 for $9

3 sets of 5 for $13

4 sets of 5 for $17

Cats Meow Figure 200

Cat’s Meow Figure of the UV #200 locomotive

 Wood, 7” wide, 3.5” high

Get yours today, $20.00

(Note:  there is no connection to the Cat’s Meow store in Sherburne NY)

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