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What is the title of this book?

Literally it is “Instructions -- Diesel-Electric Railroad Locomotive” by the ALCO and General Electric companies. There is a picture of it below.

What is the book about?

It is the Operations and Maintenance Manual for the GE 70-Ton Locomotive.

There were different types, which

The early ones. Phase 1, non-MU. This book was received by the Unadilla Valley Railway when it took delivery of units with builder’s numbers 29091 and 29092, in October of 1947. These units carried UV road numbers of #100 and #200.

Is this a vintage book?

No, it is a REPRINT, a COPY, of a vintage book.

How was the original book laid out?

The original book was made up of a number of smaller booklets bound together as a single book. It does NOT include an index, table of contents or even consistent page numbering. The reprint is a copy of the original and the same in each of these respects.

How big is the book?

It measures 8-1/2” x 11” with soft covers and 350 pages. It is about 3/4” thick. It is bound with a plastic comb binding so it opens flat. It also has a clear plastic page front and back to protect the covers from wear.

Is it in Black & White or Color?

There are 9 pages of diagrams in the UG8 Governor section in color. The other pages are all black and white.

What are the major sections?

Speed-Tractive Effort Curve -- How a Diesel Electric Functions -- Operating Instructions -- Maintenance Instructions -- Typical Maintenance Facilities -- Inspection Schedule -- Lubrication Chart -- Trouble Shooting Chart -- Diesel Engine Systems -- Cooling Water System -- Lubricating Oil System -- Fuel Oil System -- Fuel Injection System -- Governor, Controls & Overspeed Governor -- Throttle System -- Type “Z” Air Compressor -- Insulation Tests -- UG8 Governor -- Brake Equipment -- Horn and Horn Details -- Exide Ironclad Batteries -- Motors and Generators -- Traction Generator -- Exciter-Auxiliary Generator -- Traction Motors -- Diesel Engine Maintenance -- Elliott-Buchi Turbocharger -- Control Equipment -- Charging Generator Control Panel -- If You Require Service
 -- As you can see, this book contains literally everything you need to own and maintain your 70-Ton Locomotive...

Does it include a wiring diagram?

The original book contained a blueprint, approximately 13” x 96” in size, which contained a wiring diagram and other information about the electrical system. This has been reworked into seven legal-sized pages in black and white which are inserted in the back of the book and are NOT bound into the book itself.

Are any pages modified from the

original book?

Yes. There were 5 oversized pages in the original book. One of these has been divided to fit on two pages. The others were reduced slightly to fit on a single page.

Are there any other special notes?

Yes, the original book contained a number of blank pages, often at the end of one of the booklets. These have been preserved in the reprint.

How can I get a copy?

Click on button below to get an order form to order your copy.

How much does it cost?

$49.95 plus shipping and New York sales tax for delivery to a NY address

Is there a discount for UVRS&M


Yes. Send an email to to resquest the specifics.

How much is shipping?

$10 for shipping anywhere in the US by priority mail.

Can I combine the shipping for this

 book and other books?

No, sorry. This book is shipped from a different place than the rest of our books.

When does sales tax apply?

Only for sales in New York or when shipped to a New York address.  Unfortunately, shipping is also subject to sales tax (please don’t shoot the messenger, that’s the way the sales tax law is laid out).

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