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Past newsletters produced by the Unadilla Valley Railway Society are available in this section.  Simply click on the white button at the left for the desired newsletter to go see it.


All Pendragons known to exist are included here.  If you have one that is not included here, please let us know.  If we can borrow it from you to scan it in, we’ll add it to this page.

Index of Articles and Pictures in Newsletters


Amazing Train Stories, Bonnie Jean Bauer, 2016/Apr

Arcade & Attica Railroad, Tom DeForest, 2017/Jan
Arrival of the Iron Horse, 2004/Fall
Baby Railroad (text reprint), 2009/Spring
Brookfield Railroad, Tom DeForest, 2015/Oct
Cass Scenic Railroad Trip, 2016/Jul
Christmas Lights Train Ride, 2008/Fall
Corn Popper, Mike Holdridge, 2010/Spring, 2016/Oct
First Thousand Feet, Tom DeForest, 2016/Jan
Flood of 1905, 2016/Jul
GE 70-Ton Diesels Book Review, Tom DeForest, 2016/Apr
Gifford, Pat, Euology, 2016/Oct
Grant Application, 2004/Fall

Grass Roots Railroad, 2017/Jan
Gravel Business, Tom DeForest, 2016/Jan
Harshbarger, Bruce, A Real Engineer, 2015/Oct
Historic Marker, 2011/Summer
History of RR Service in NB, Tom DeForest, 2015/Oct
Hoxie Dispute, Tom DeForest, 2016/Oct
Lake Winnipesaukee Trip, 2016/Apr
Last Days of the UV, Tom DeForest, 2015/Jul
Lincoln Funeral Train, Tom DeForest, 2015/Jan
Lyon Brook Bridge Exhibit, John Taibi, 2011/Spring
Memories of the Rails, Peter Iorio, 2011/Spring
Midland’s Largest Depot, 2002/Summer
Museum Open, 2007/Fall
New Berlin Branch Sale to UV, 2016/Oct
Photo Jogged My Memory, Mike Holdridge, 2016/Jul
Picture, #200, 2012/Spring
Picture, #200 Model, 2012-13/Winter
Picture, #300, 2007/Fall
Picture, #300, SNY, 2010/Spring
Picture, #300, WAG, 2010/Spring
Picture, Bridgewater Historical Society, 2011/Summer
Picture, Caboose, 2007/Fall
Picture, D&H Caboose, Oneonta, 2010/Fall
Picture, Half Car, 2007/Fall
Picture, Key Display Donation, 2010/Spring
Picture, Model Train, 2011/Summer
Picture, Museum, 2008/Fall
Picture, New Berlin Yard, 2012/Fall
Picture, Parade Float, 2010/Fall, 2011/Spring, 2011/Fall, 2015/Apr
Picture, Pendragon Engine, 2011/Spring
Picture, Russell Plow, 2012/Fall
Picture, Shanty, 2009/Spring, 2009/Fall
Picture, Shovel Donation, 2010/Spring
Picture, South Edmeston Depot, 2011/Fall
Picture, Taibi, John, 2011/Summer
Picture, Victorian Village, 2011/Fall
Picture, Wolfangle, George, 2008/Fall, 2009/Fall, 2014/Spring
Picture, Young, William S., 2012-13/Winter
Picture, Youth Days Parade, 2008/Fall
Prospective Museum Sites, 1997/Sept
Pursuit of UV #100, 1997/Sept
Railroad Artifacts on Display, 1996/Sept
Railroad History in NB, Wm S. Young, 2007/Fall
Recollections by Gordon Davis, 2015/Oct
Salzberg, H. E. Co., 2016/Apr
Sign History, 2008/Fall
South Edmeston Depot, 2011/Fall
Stamp Reproduction, 2000/Mar
Steamtown Trip, 2015/Apr
Strasburg Trip, 2015/Jul
Time to Start Rolling, 2000/Mar
Tri-County Airport, 2016/Jan
Victorian Village, 2011/Fall
Wrecked Engine (1948), 2007/Fall
UV History Bibliography, 1997/Sept
UV Passenger Service, 2016/Jan
UVRS&M History, 2009/Spring
UVRS&M History, 2011/Spring

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